Birthday Party FAQ’s



Q. What does your Princess, Fairy and Ballerina bring to my party?

A. Our entertainers will bring everything needed to run an amazing party. They will have craft packs for each child, a pass the parcel, any props needed for games, a Tiny Tutus prop box for dancing with, bubbles, glitter and streamers for a fun welcome song. They will also have a present for the birthday girl and class vouchers for all of her friends.


Q. What do I need to provide?

A. Floor space big enough for the children to sit comfortably, A blanket (if craft activities need to be done on the floor), party food, birthday cake and lolly bags (we are able to supply these at an additional cost). It also may be a good idea to have enough chairs and a table for the children to sit at when doing their craft, but its not necessary. We will work with any space you have.


Q. How much space do I need for a party?

A. We need enough open space for all children to stand with arms out without touching one another. Sometimes people use their lounge rooms and move furniture, others have big back decks, its really up to you. We can work with you to change any details of the birthday party you do not think will suit your area or that you are not comfortable with.


Q. Can we have our party outdoors?

A. Of course! We love outdoor parties, there is nothing as fun as playing in the sun! We require use of a power point and extension chord for our CD player or if you are able to supply us with a battery operated CD player that is also fine. Please make sure if you are holding your party in a public park that you have all correct permissions.


Q. Do we have to have the party at home?

A. No, we can come to you anywhere, community hall, school hall, public park (please see above questions for information)etc. If you would like to use a hall where we currently hold a Tiny Tutus class please contact our office girls for their contact details. Please know that we are not able to book this service for you and all dealings with the venue must go through yourself.


Q. What age group does Tiny Tutus cater for?

A. Our birthday parties generally cater for 3 – 7 year olds. There are a number of craft and game options that can be changed for a younger age group although most little ones under 4 will need an adults help.


Q. Do we need to pay for siblings attending the party if they aren’t participating?

A. If you want them to receive a prize or participate in any craft activities, yes. Please email us if you have any queries about this, on occasion for brothers of birthday girls we have amended games or the per head charge to accommodate them.


Q. Can we invite boys to our princess party?

A. Of course you can? You can invite boys to any of our parties, please let us know when you confirm your booking how many boys will be attending so we can cater for their needs.


Q. What is the roll of the Tiny Tutus entertainer?

A. Our Princesses, Fairies and Ballerinas have been invited to coordinate games and activities, to make the birthday girl feel extra special and to make sure all children have a wonderful time. The Tiny Tutus entertainer is not there to discipline the children – we ask that parents are always in the area, in charge of the children to control unruly behavior.


Q. Do all the children attending need to know how to dance?

A. No, they just need to have a love of music, movement and fun! We find sometimes that our parties often inspire little ones to want to start dance lessons. We also supply a voucher for a free Tiny Tutus class to every guest.


Q. Can I have other birthday entertainers at my party?

A. We believe that a Tiny Tutus entertainer is all you need to host the most magical birthday party ever! If you do wish to include other forms of entertainment please contact us so we can work with yourself and any other companies to ensure a smooth party schedule.


Q. How should I schedule my birthday party?

A. An example of a great birthday party schedule for the Twinkle or Sparkle package is as follows;

12.00pm – Guest arrival

12.15pm – Tiny Tutus Birthday Party Entertainer arrives and begins with a welcome song.

12.25pm – Dance lesson begins

12. 40pm – Dance lesson concludes with a magical performance

1245pm – Story Time, this is a good time to serve the bulk of the party food and drink. While the little ones are having a snack the entertainer will tell her story and set up the craft activities.

1.00pm – Craft Activities

1.20pm – Game Time

1.40pm – Farewell and presentation of the class vouchers.

1.45pm – Tiny Tutus Entertainer exits party

1.50pm  – Birthday Cake

2.00pm – Party concludes and children are collected.


Q. How do we create a successful party environment.

A. It is best to have a designated party area for the children while supervising parents have a place to mingle without interrupting the party. We recommend removing food from the area while activities are taking place as to not distract the children from the party entertainer. It also means that when it comes time to serve the food, the children will be more likely to be hungry from all that dancing! There are a few things that can hinder the successful running of a party and those can be things as simple as loud whistles or party poppers as they can distract from the activities being performed.