Is there a minimum time frame I have stay a Tiny Tutus partner studio?

Yes, the minimum time frame is 1 calendar year (12 months).


Is there a set fee that I am required to charge for the Tiny Tutus classes or can I set my own prices?

We have a recommended fee that we suggest you charge, however you can choose to set your own fees for the Tiny Tutus classes taught in your studio.


How long does each class run for?

Tiny Tutus classes run for 30 – 40 minutes in length. Your studio may decide to run your classes longer or shorter, it’s up to you.


May I still run my regular preschool dance classes and add Tiny Tutus classes on top of them?

Yes, you may run your regular preschool dance classes and add Tiny Tutus as another option for parents and students.


Do Tiny Tutus classes need to be held at my studio, or may I send teachers out to external locations?

The classes must be held at the licensed studio location. If you wish to teach at other locations you much licence these also.


May I ask for a Tiny Tutus mentor to visit more the once a year?

Yes, for an additional fee a Tiny Tutus mentor can come to your studio to hold meetings and workshops for all of your staff.


How do I learn more?

Please email info@tinytutus.com.au for more information or for an application form.


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