Membership Fee: $50.00 per ballerina – charged at the time your ballerinas membership is processed into our system. Your membership fee includes your ballerina’s quality class tutu sent to your home address.

Class Costs: $210 per term – charged 2 weeks prior to the commencement of Term. If you are joining mid term you will be charged for the remaining weeks of the current term on the day of registration. Remaining term fees are automatically direct debited 2 weeks prior to the commencement of each term.

Recital Cost: $100 per ballerina – processed in 2 payments. 50% on 1st May and remaining 50% on 1st August 2019.

If you need some time away, or your ballerina is trying another activity, we understand. You’re free to opt out at any stage inline with our Terms and Conditions, and we’ll keep a light on, in case her heart returns to dance.

What you need to know


When your ballerina becomes a member for 2019 this includes our end of year recital.

Our Membership Fee is $50 per ballerina, charged at the start of each calendar year, or upon initial registration if during the year. It includes our gorgeous signature Tiny Tutus pink class tutu. You can pause your ballerinas membership at anytime.

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Class Costs and Payments

Fees for classes are charged by the term. Tiny Tutus terms closely reflect the school terms for your state, with some makeup classes offered in school holidays.

2019 class costs are $210 per term, which is pro-rata’d for enrollments beginning during the term.

Terms vary between 9-10 weeks in length.

It is compulsory for fees to be paid 2 weeks prior to the commencement of each term.  You understand that once enrolled, your ballerina is a member for the full calendar year and recital. You are responsible for and agree to pay all fees for the calendar year for your ballerina being Terms 1, 2, 3, 4 and recital. Students joining mid-term are charged on a pro-rata basis.

Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet Studio fees are payable by direct debit two weeks prior to the commencement of each term via our secure online payment portal, IntegraPay.

Tiny Tutus Recital fees are charged in 2 installments being 1 May 2019 (50%) and 1 August 2019 (50%). If you are joining our program after the 1st of May, 50% will be processed 7 days after registration. Recital fees are based on Tiny Tutus Standard Recital package at a total cost of $100 per ballerina. Families will be given the option of upgrading to Tiny Tutus Diamond and Sparkle recital packages in June.

All class costs and recital fees are payable in advance. Non-payment of class costs will result in exclusion of your ballerina from lessons and recital. You acknowledge that class teachers are not in a position to discuss fees and all enquiries need to be directed to the administration department on 1300 245 060 (Mon – Fri 08:30am – 4:00pm AEST) or at info@tinytutus.com.au.”

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You are welcome to opt out of Tiny Tutus 2019 program at any time.

Cancellations of full year Direct Debit Registrations will incur a $20 administration fee. Due to the lead time to organise teachers, premises and resources for your ballerina, you must inform us of cancellations 4 weeks before the start of the next term in order for the following term’s fees to not be payable.

If you do not cancel your ballerina’s registration by the required date, you must pay the following term’s fees and/or recital fees as applicable.

Should you decide to withdraw your ballerina within our two class guarantee period, your debits will be cancelled once the two classes have been paid for in full. As our Tiny Tutus Terms and Conditions state “after the second class, the parent has three business days to request an enrolment cancellation and refund”, we are unable to offer refunds for withdrawals after the second week of enrolment.

You may withdraw your ballerina from recital if you notify us before close of business on the day prior to your ballerinas orientation date and in that case you will receive a refund of your second recital payment (50% of the total recital payment). 50% of the recital fee is non-refundable. If you do withdraw your ballerinas recital registration you will still receive your gorgeous costume tutu.

Cancellation requests can only be processed and accepted once received in writing by emailing info@tinytutus.com.auTiny Tutus does not accept cancellation requests by phone or via Tiny Tutus website

**Please note that payments to Tiny Tutus will show as “I Pay Tiny Tutus” on your credit card statement. If you have any questions regarding this please contact our office.**

To Book Your Class

We would love to have your ballerina at Tiny Tutus! To book your ballerina’s place in Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet just click the ‘Enrol Now’ link below and complete our online registration form.

Your position is confirmed once we have received payment of both term fees and registration.

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Studio Policies

It’s very important that you read our Terms and Conditions. Your memberhsip is processed on the understanding that you have read and agreed to these policies.

Tutu Guarantee & Trial Lessons

Sometimes it is often tricky to judge how your ballerina will go after only visiting for one class. We sometimes find that ballerinas can be shy during their first visit, but by their second Tiny Tutus class they are twirling and whirling magically with their Tiny Tutus friends. It is for for this reason that while we offer one ‘trial class’, we recommend that parents actually register their ballerina and take advantage of our Tutu two class guarantee.

The benefits of registering and taking advantage of this guarantee is that your ballerina will receive her very own class tutu that she can wear to her first lesson. This is then hers to keep making her feel part of the Tiny Tutus magic instantly – setting her up for tutu success from the very beginning.

Our unique Tutu Guarantee really helps parents (and ballerinas) to settle into Tiny Tutus. At Tiny Tutus we believe that if your ballerina is genuinely not happy, we will refund the balance of your term fees if you wish to withdraw, within two weeks of your enrolment*. This truly allows you to judge if Tiny Tutus is suited for both you and your ballerina (which we hope it is) and gives you the confidence of knowing that if it doesn’t suit you, you are not locked in.

* This means that your ballerina can have either one trial class and one enrolled class or two enrolled classes. After the second lesson, the parent has until the end of three business days to request an enrolment cancellation and refund. The refund is calculated based on the remaining unused weeks left in the term. A $20 administration fee will also apply. We are unable to offer refunds for withdrawals after the second lesson of enrolment. Registration fees are non-refundable, but the tutu is yours to keep! To cancel your enrolment and request a refund, please contact the office through info@tinytutus.com.au or contact our office on 1300 245 060 (08:30am – 4:00pm AEST).  Please note that we are unable to refund back to any credit card and Tiny Tutus will need your BSB and Account number to process your refund. Please allow up to ten (10) working days for this to be processed.

Should you decide to join for a trial class, please note that the class is not ‘free’, once you decide to enrol for the term, your trial class is seen as your first class and is included in your regular term fees. To arrange a trial class, please call our office on 1300 245 060 (08:30am – 4:00pm AEST) as it is not permitted that you just turn up to the class.