Gold Coast Timetable

We are tutu excited to announce when registering your ballerina for 2017 you will be securing their position for the full calendar year. Your ballerina will be registered in their preferred class for Terms 3 and 4 which will allow Tiny Tutus to provide the best possible experience for your precious ballerina. Fees will be charged two weeks prior to the commencement of each term with yearly registration fee payable when we process your ballerinas enrolment. ****Please note payments to Tiny Tutus for new ballerina registrations are processed via Integrapay and will show as “ipay Tiny Tutus” on your bank statement.


2017 Class Location Summary

Saturday ~ Arundel, Robina

Port Stephens Preschool Toddler Dance Classes


Gold Coast Venue Addresses

Arundel Studio:

Arundel State School, 185 Napper Road, Arundel

Robina Studio:

Robina Community Centre, 196 Robina Town Centre Drive

Want Tiny Tutus to start near you??

We need 5 little ballerinas to start a class in your location!!

Get your friends together for Tiny Tutus to twirl into town!!

Give us a call and put your name on the call back list!! You never know…your ballerina might be the fifth name that gets the class started!

Port Stephens Baby Ballet
We are always looking for new venues and locations!
If we don’t have a class close to you, give us a call and have a chat. We need five Tiny Tutus ballerinas in a location to start a class!! We have waiting lists from ballerinas in lots of locations. Your ballerina joining might be enough for the class to start tutuing!

** For payment methods, please see our ‘Fees and Registration‘ page.