Your ballerina won’t have to wait another minute…

When she’s decided to dance, she must dance! Our doors and hearts are always open to new students and with our ‘Early Twirl’ offer, there’s no better time. 2019 Memberships processed by Friday 14 December will include the special, gift-wrapped delivery of a Tiny Tutus backpack and tutu, to go under the Christmas tree!

If you need some time away, or your ballerina is trying another activity, we understand. You’re free to opt out at any stage, and we’ll keep a light on, in case her heart returns to dance.

Our parents love the open way we teach, and we’re grateful that Tiny Tutus is embraced by so many new communities. We’re unlike any other preschool ballet company because our families are always welcome in class. Imagine sharing each new step and always being there as she looks for you, with light in her eyes.

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Arundel, Varsity Lakes

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