Parents Can Watch Classes

That’s right! At Tiny Tutus our classes are open, which means parents are welcome to watch! We don’t mean the last five minutes and we’re not talking watching through a viewing window. At Tiny Tutus parents are greeted with open arms!  Ballerinas at such tender ages love having parents in class to watch, encourage and support…and we love having parents too!

“As a Mummy myself, I know my little ones are much more comfortable knowing I’m there cheering them on! There really is nothing more wonderful than watching your Tiny Tutus Ballerina dance,” said Simone, Principal of Tiny Tutus.

At Tiny Tutus, we are proud of our early childhood dance program and are thrilled to share it with our families.

In this day and age, the old dance school philosophy of ‘parents out’ as a general policy just doesn’t sit right. Any dance school that has a no parent watching policy particularly in the preschool years, should raise a red flag with parents. Many studios try to get around this secrecy with ‘come watch the last five minutes of class’ or an ‘open day last week of term’.

As a parent you want to be able to see how the teacher interacts with the ballerina. You want to see how your little one is dancing and how the children in the class get along.

When parents are excluded from the class, you never really get to see how your little one is participating. Is she really dancing or just sitting on the floor playing with fairy wings for the whole lesson? Did she only dance for the last five minutes and spend the rest class in a corner by herself but the teacher telling you “Oh she was wonderful”. The fact is, unless classes are open, you just never really know.

Our open and honest approach is celebrated by our families who love coming in and sharing class each week.

Each class follows a standard format and lesson structure, but our parents understand that when working with little ones, sometimes things don’t go according to the lesson plan and other days our little ballerinas ‘perform’ to perfection. But this is part of the honesty.

Tiny Tutus do have ‘Rules of Watching Etiquette’ that we do ask parents to abide by.

* Be quiet while the class is in progress. Even whispered conversations can be heard and are distracting for all dancers.

* Mobile phones are to be switched OFF.

* Parents are asked to sit at the back of the dance space and are asked not to participate in classes unless asked to by the teacher, with the exception of our Teeny Tiny classes.

* We love little brothers and sisters watching too! We do ask however, that they remain quietly seated and not participate in classes.

* Still photography of your own ballerina is welcome, however video, DVD or mobile phone recording is absolutely and strictly prohibited.