Simone Cadell

Simone Cadell is the creative voice behind Tiny Tutus

Simone is a Mum of two beautiful boys and she is frequently heard saying, “A Mummy of boys needs a little pink in her life!”

Simone began her ‘dancing career’ at three years of age. She gained her formal Dance Teaching Qualifications at 18 years of age, before completing a degree in Early Childhood Education. Just a few years into her full time school teaching career, Simone was merit selected for the position of Assistant Principal and became one of the youngest Assistant Principals in Newcastle and one of the only with Early Childhood Qualifications.

Throughout this time, Simone opened and operated her own dance studio. The successful studio saw her dancers excel at dance competitions and public performances, as well as gain success on a professional level in productions of “Tap Dogs”, “Steel City” and “Annie”.

“I loved working with the ‘big kids’ and sharing their successes, but it was my tiny tots that I adored! Pure magic!”, said Simone.
“My own kids were my inspiration,” Simone says. “It was because of my experience of being a mum of two gorgeous little boys and my passion for early childhood education and dance that I realised how I could make our dance studio so much more.”

“I wanted to create a dedicated preschool ballet program especially for dancers under 5 years of age, that would provide an exceptional curriculum along with easy access for Mums.” Within a month Tiny Tutus was born as an ‘affordable, accessible & amazing’ way for parents to introduce their child to the world of dance.
Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet has been recognised as one of the fastest growing preschool dance programs in Australia.

“As a mum I know the drama caused by a long car trip or inconvenient locations,” stated Simone. Each Tiny Tutus venue has to meet our standards before we use it. Our locations are a mix of neighbourhood based centres and halls, all with either onsite or adequate on street parking, close to shopping and services. Easy for parents to access and safe for small children, and of course accessible for prams!

“Lot’s of preschool dance programs call themselves ‘unique’, but come and spend a term at Tiny Tutus and find out we truly are ‘unique’ in every sense of the word!” says Simone. “I adore our little ballerinas and our families who trust us to instill a love of dance and movement in their children.”

Tiny Tutus is Ballet for Princesses!