A few of the enormous number of comments about recitals…

Hey Simone,
I hope the weekend all went well. Our recital was just beautiful….
Lisa (Lily and Bella’s Mum)

Well done to all the beautiful little ballerinas, u were so gorgeous!!! A brilliant recital. Thank u so much to Simone and the best teacher ever Miss Jess!
Paula G 27/11/11

I was so sure Macyn wouldn’t dance… But she danced, it was amazing!!!!
Michelle P 27/11/11

I’d like to say how wonderful the Recital was and how much Raphi enjoyed it. Had you told me 6 months ago that she would dance on stage and speak into the microphone I would not have believed it. I was so proud of her and of all the little ballerinas. Thankyou for helping her find the confidence to perform.

Toni L (Raphaelle’s mum)

Hi Simone
We’re so proud of our little ballerina, we were all amazed at her confidence!
Thanks again to you all, especially Miss Lisa.
Kylie H 27/11/11

Thank you Tiny Tutus for all your hard work, dedication and love that you have for all your little dancers. The best thing of all is that it’s about having fun, making friends and building confidence – it’s not about being competitive, putting on make-up, getting the steps right etc – so good on you! Special thanks to Miss Lisa – we love you! See you next year – love Katja and Malaika xx

Good morning,

My daughter, Jasmyn Cullen had her first ballet lesson on Saturday. It was lovely & she thoroughly enjoyed herself, thank you….

Thank you
Kind regards
Naomi C

Lastly I would like to thank you Simone and Miss Lizzy, for giving Emma the opportunity to dance. Emma is a very shy little girl and the confidence she is gaining from her tiny tutus class is amazing. She now wants to be the leader instead of standing back and has gained the confidence to join in other activities. Emma enjoyed the recital so much, that she keeps asking when she can dance on the stage again. The recital was a very special event and we all loved it, especially my little Bumble Bee fairy.
Maureen T (mum of Emma)

Thank you Simone and all the team for an absolutely beautiful recital. Sometimes in life we are privileged to be a part of something that lifts our spirits and makes our hearts dance. Our ballet class has been this for us this year. We thank you and especially Miss Lisa for going over and above the job description and giving your all to our girls. Thank you so much.

Harriet would love to dance next year so if you could keep me posted on which classes Lisa will be doing for the Princess group we will be there.

Merry Christmas and again thank you
Fiona W (mum of Harriett) xxxxxx

Hi Simone, Just thought I would let you know that the professional photos taken are just gorgeous … the concert was so cute and I was so proud of all our Maryland girls for getting up and doing some beautiful dancing. I love that the concert was filled with fun and no pressure and very cute costumes. The venue was great not too big and overwhelming for my little ballerina anyway she managed to push herself from the front to the back I stayed out the back at the recital and I loved watching how excited the girls got while waiting to go on stage just beautiful an experience that you would not of seen from the front so glad that I decided to go back stage…. I look forward to another wonderful year of ballet with my princess next year and another beautiful recital. Great job
Megan S (mum of Annabel)

Simone,the one thing that I appreciated more than anything was that my daughter had a good time at the concert. She smiled the whole time up there and was quite exhilerated by the whole thing. I was prepared for a possible walk off or some tears but she loved it. My whole family loved watching the show. The colours of the different costumes was gorgeous and quite breathtaking.

I think Georgia’s enjoyment (and mine) is due to your classes being a bit more ‘casual?’ in that they recognise really little girls just want to do a bit of ballet but are also very focussed on just looking beautiful in a tutu and feeling like a princes. I thought the repeating of a dance to let the little girl in purple was lovely and the efforts made to include the little one with the broken ankle were very funny and thoughtful. Congratulations to you Simone for achieving such a lovely balance and making the girls’ needs the real focus.

I know our group has said it before, but we love Lisa. I tried Georgia in a ballet group closer to home first and they were very strict, even with girls younger than her. She lasted 15 minutes before bursting into tears and did not feel welcome. Lisa has a real skill of teaching them, keeping them in line but being very warm and loving towards them too. She is a gem and we hope to see her again next year in our class.

Thanks again Simone.
Geneine (Mum of Georgia)

I wanted to say a big THANKYOU to you & the wonderful Miss Lisa for a fabulous Tiny Tutus Recital. Caitlin enjoyed every minute of it. She has developed a real love for dancing this year and her confidence has grown so much too. So a big thankyou to you & your staff for that – it is magical to see!
A special thankyou to Miss Lisa for all her help & patience with the girls. I know Caitlin & the other girls loved having her as their teacher.

Thanks so much for giving Caitlin a wonderful dancing year

Barbara P xx (mum of Caitlin)

Hi Simone,
Thank you for putting on such a great recital for all of our ballerinas. Olivia has had a lovely year with Tiny Tutus and is looking forward to returning next year. She especially loved having Miss Lisa as a teacher – she is so warm and kind!
I was impressed with a number of things re: the recital.
1. Cost effective costumes and tickets.
2. The length of the recital – splitting the concert into two recitals was a great idea! The shorter length is just right for little kids.
3. The venue – Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre was lovely.
4. No make-up expectations – this really suited us.
So thanks again, Simone. I would definitely recommend Tiny Tutus to other parents!
Warm regards
Melanie M (mum of Olivia)

Notes From Families

Thursday, 29th April 2010
I have to commend Tiny Tutus, as an extremely satisfied parent of a budding little dancer. This is our second year with Tiny Tutu’s ballet school, and my daughter (almost 4 yrs old) absolutely loves it. Her face lights up when Thursday rolls around each week, and wouldn’t dream of missing a lesson. Her teacher is an absolute gem, and displays 100% patience with the children. The lessons and class style are age appropriate, taking into account lesson length and ability, not to mention the fun factor and the disciplines of Ballet.

I love that parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons and see how the children are progressing, and the children love the fact that they can show off their skills to their loved ones. As a busy mother of two, I find it reassuring to know I can order and pick up any merchandise from our class lessons. This saves me valuable time as I no longer need to shop around and search for the equipment needed for my Prima Ballerina! Tiny Tutus have sourced out merchandise that is economically viable for families, not costing us the earth.

The end of year Recital in 2009 was fantastic and well thought out for the age groups involved. Both the time of day and Recital length were perfect for our little ballerina’s. The economic aspect was also pleasing, where parents were not expected to spend buckets of money on expensive costumes and unnecessary equipment. Tiny Tutu’s main focus is to enjoy and have fun, while introducing young children to the basic foundations of Ballet.

As a satisfied parent I always sing the praises of not only our class teacher, but the brains behind the creation of Tiny Tutu’s. To finally have a Ballet school that is unpretentious and non-competitive is a breath of fresh air. What a wonderful business and a job well done.

Deanne Poulton-Mackay